Louisville vs. Florida State Basketball Highlights (2018-19)


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  • Jeremy Marsh
    Jeremy Marsh  2 months back

    3 Ball wasn't falling like it has been lately, but the defense made up for that. Great win Noles.

    • sjenx637
      sjenx637  2 months back

      Great game by both teams, The ACC is Awesome!! 🙌🏾💯🏀🥇

      • Lou
        Lou  2 months back

        Tough loss

        • Carlos Cantrell
          Carlos Cantrell  2 months back

          FSU got big guys (SF-C) that can be great players not saying the team doesnt have other greats. just raw talent.

          • The King of Reapers, stronger than even god

            This was the first b-ball game I ever actually went to it was awesome and my boys took home the W on that one

            • Dazhan Duncan
              Dazhan Duncan  2 months back

              Should’ve won but shoutout to Florida state they’re always a tuff team at home no matter what their record is. Louisville will bounce back

              • Ville24
                Ville24  2 months back

                Really disappointing. Reminds me of the Indiana game. In control most of the game, even had a 10 point lead under 9 minutes, but don't win. Just way too sloppy. Credit FSU. That defense was something else. I do like how they still fought in OT even after blowing the lead in regulation and FSU getting off to a better start in the OT.
                Still in good position in the standings. This loss is even more disappointing though considering Duke is next...

                • Trisden Reyer
                  Trisden Reyer  2 months back

                  I'm as disappointed as you bro. Luckily we lost in OT cause they had a clean dunk to end the game in regulation. Flashback to last year at the YUM! Vs Florida state.

                • sjenx637
                  sjenx637  2 months back

                  Beat DOOK!

              • Blank
                Blank  2 months back

                just imagine if cofer had passed it to forrest at 3 seconds and he had a wide open game winning dunk. great win none the less

                • Josh Watson
                  Josh Watson  2 months back

                  +Blank - In that case, I completely agree. Would've been a fantastic ending. Yes, he was open at 3 seconds, but still at halfcourt, with a Louisville player ready to guard him. I replayed it again just now though, and I see it a little different. Obviously, no fault to Cofer... but, the ideal play would've been to pass at exactly 2 seconds left, after the UL defender had committed to Cofer, and then Forrest would've had 2 full seconds. If he used it all (which is hard to know exactly how much you have left), it would've been just enough I think for a dunk or layup. But either way.... Noles won!

                • Blank
                  Blank  2 months back

                  Josh Watson yeah again, not faulting him, i’m just saying woulda been a cool way to end the game, but also forrest was open at 3 seconds

                • Josh Watson
                  Josh Watson  2 months back

                  Cofer let go of the ball with 1 second left and Forrest was still at the free throw line. Not enough time. Half second to complete pass, half second at least to put up a concentrated shot. Possible, but Cofer's shot was just as good.

                • Jump Street24
                  Jump Street24  2 months back

                  Guys a dummy

                • Blank
                  Blank  2 months back

                  Mike Teich you’re right you can’t fault him it was just possible that they were more likely to make a quick shot from the free throw-ish line than 10 feet back from the 3

              • Seminole Steeler703
                Seminole Steeler703  2 months back

                What a game! Go Noles!

                • David
                  David  2 months back

                  just got back to my dorm from this game, super hype

                  • Zach Kostoff
                    Zach Kostoff  2 months back

                    These refs were ass but I'll take it

                    • Justin Peters
                      Justin Peters  2 months back

                      What happens when like this video ?