• Published: 08 February 2019
  • Wildlife cams in central Minnesota. You can visit our website at: deertrail.us Or visit our facebook page at: facebook.com/Deer-Trail-416353031788925/

    Deer Trail began October 5, 2007. We set up our first camera on a trail that we had made in the woods on our property. The cam was facing north, just south of a smaller trial, a deer trail, where the deer would come through the woods to our squirrel feeder on the edge of the yard. This is where Deer Trail got it's name, from the many deer trails that cross our land. We added more cams and moved them further out into the woods. The first night we set out the cams a nice buck wandered in, we had cam fever. We put out a little water pond so the animals could get a drink, and set up some feeders for the smaller birds and animals. From there Deer Trail expanded to as many cams as 12 at one point & our own domain so that we could enjoy the panoramic view.

    Though we thoroughly enjoy running Deer Trail there have been times when we have been overwhelmed, but have kept the cams running for those who write and say without our cams they wouldn't see the outdoors. Our adventures almost ended when cam stream hosts began going to apps. We had shut down the cams & given up when someone mentioned You Tube so we tried to start a live stream... And so here we are streaming live from our Deer Trail cams to You Tube to your streaming device. Over the last 9 years, millions of people have visited the deer Trail cams, from school class rooms to perhaps maybe even your grandmother. We would just like to give you a warm welcome to the Trail & say "Thank you for watching!" James & Candace
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