Is JYP About To Make His Biggest Mistake Ever


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  • InternetsNathan
    InternetsNathan   3 months back

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    • gamers in faith
      gamers in faith  1 months back

      +christian kumara putra
      YG have dark year in 2019 their owner have many scandal from drugs, tax avoid, burning sun, and latter yang night club busted run sex trafficking. sungri under investigation and YG database under police line, many communication data revering to sex trade.
      hope YG will stand i love black pink

    • napnap ineedu
      napnap ineedu  2 months back

      is TWICE gonna disbanned next year

    • HW Night
      HW Night  2 months back

      so he's gonna let tencent and sony doing all the work huh (for the 2 out of 4 groups) very smart JYP!!! 😂

    • lukas drift
      lukas drift  3 months back

      Yeah u know. U have that clickbait thumbnail and fans getting furious with no reason

    • lukas drift
      lukas drift  3 months back

      +Yan Kim typical blind fans. Defend anything when this video dont corner anyone

  • LancynicalYT
    LancynicalYT  56 minutes back

    I suddenly thought that maybe JYP's second group could be a girl group so that he could let his "companies" compete against each other.
    Damn, that blew my goddamn mind.

    • Park Kira
      Park Kira  14 hours back

      Let’s be real guys... JYP is next Level sh*t.
      I mean Twice, TWICE was a test.
      If Twice was only a test and an experiment, I am sure I‘m not able to handle what happens if he is serious af.

      • Dom Migz
        Dom Migz  22 hours back

        I can still hear the ching chongness in his English

        • sparku
          sparku  1 days back


          • Geoff Palacio
            Geoff Palacio  1 days back

            then iz*one entered the competition

            • Moew Eh
              Moew Eh  2 days back

              all i need is a soft, not overly masculine boy group. pls

              • Marie Caluya
                Marie Caluya  3 days back

                Super intern?? Is that the test he was talking about??

                • Rosanna
                  Rosanna  3 days back

                  I just hope he will ot forget about the groups he already has like he did with his old groups....

                • super xxi
                  super xxi  3 days back


                  • OMG UMMX
                    OMG UMMX  4 days back

                    I like Twice, Red Velvet way more than Blackpink whom song are not good to me... IF JYP want to take over good for them YP need to fixs house with all the rapes happening.

                    • Lalemon. Piie
                      Lalemon. Piie  4 days back

                      Itzy is amazing....... I love there song Dalla Dalla ❤️😭😍😍😍😍

                      • Lily Evans
                        Lily Evans  4 days back

                        The only thing im worried about is that when too many groups start to promote in one company certain groups tend to get ignored and neglected:/

                        • X o g u d.
                          X o g u d.  1 hours back

                          I think that's the point of his experiment in twice i think he will use it on every artist/group so that everything is under control.

                      • Can I get an UwU
                        Can I get an UwU  5 days back

                        BIG 3 RANKING (2005 - 2010 SM era):
                        SM: Success of GG- very high sales
                        JYP: Success of Wonder girls- very high sales
                        YG: Successful debut of 2ne1- high sales

                        BIG 3 2010-2015 (YG era):
                        YG: the rapid growth of the sales & fandoms of both Bigbang and 2ne1 - very high sales
                        JYP: Successful sales of Miss A & Wonder girls , Very Successful debut of twice- very high sales
                        SM: Successful debut of Exo , Success of GG & success but slow downfall of F(x) , good debut of Red velvet- good sales

                        BIG 3 RANKING 2019:
                        1st- JYP: extremely high sales of twice , very successful debut of Itzy & sad disbandment of WG & Miss A - very high sales
                        2nd- Yg: extremely high sales of Blackpink , but suffering a very big & bad scandal- high sales
                        3rd- SM: success of Exo , loss of members in girls generation , dungeoning of F(x) , unstable sales of red velvet - good sales

                        Cause of rise & fall of the companies:
                        JYP- he has a good strategy in comebacks and debuts and also cares for his idols & not only for money , making his idols healthy while making money.

                        YG - he's too greedy and stupid for disbanding 2ne1 & bigbang which had a very big fandoms
                        doesn't care for his idol's and has a very high standard of looks thats why they have scandals (like plastic surgery , sex & drugs) and an unhealthy body figure (still worried for my Rośe)...but thanks to BP the company is still saved

                        SM- he has too much idols because he think its better to have a lot so that he could earn more money not caring that their is still a possibility that those songs that got released will flop which only makes the company slowly falling down to bankruptcy and because of the number of idol's he has other idols gets dungeoned like f(x)

                        • benet '
                          benet '  5 days back

                          Wow jyp

                          • ••ѕтяαωвєяяу••

                            This makes me afraid that Twice will be neglected.. On a side note, I didn't realize JYP has such good English skill

                            • Silvestre Enriquez
                              Silvestre Enriquez  4 days back

                              ••ѕтяαωвєяяу•• they won't they still have their own team

                          • Donovan Beres
                            Donovan Beres  1 weeks back

                            The biggest girl group you claim is the biggest, I never even heard of, just saying lol

                            • Htoo Poe
                              Htoo Poe  1 weeks back

                              JYP is not going to have the other 3 group because he can’t and he doesn’t want his daughters “twice” and twice is the most popular girl group all.

                              • Kyaani
                                Kyaani  1 weeks back

                                jyp trying to Get first place after Bighit Took over

                              • Melbern Ong
                                Melbern Ong  1 weeks back

                                JYP's English is damn good

                                • Shody X
                                  Shody X  2 weeks back

                                  Seems to me JYP is just now trying to copy whatever sm is doing

                                  • Capitan Polaris
                                    Capitan Polaris  2 weeks back

                                    Every time i see this kind of company stuff i still feel like their artists are like robots or products like Apple with its iphones.... Scary.

                                    • Daulet Bekishev
                                      Daulet Bekishev  2 weeks back

                                      lol, my youtube recommends me some weird but still interesting videos. Have no idea what is happening in the industry but I know what he's trying to do.

                                      If you want to know a bit more, or if you want to understand the origins, the thing that JYP is trying to do is called the "Mission team" (in SCRUM).
                                      That's an Agile software development life cycle and he is trying to blend it with k-pop industry. It's gonna work. It's gonna 200% work.
                                      Because Mission teams work perfectly.

                                      • Lizett Ramos
                                        Lizett Ramos  2 weeks back

                                        Dude I don't know why itzy is so popular dalla dalla sucked ass and they got attention because of talking about something meaningful in their song like bts did. BTS got popular because of that and I think jyp knows the reasons why bts got popular and they probably faked it or it might be faked and also I don't really like itzy and jyp

                                        • lYmli lYmli
                                          lYmli lYmli  2 weeks back

                                          jyp fell off big 3 cos big hit, so he has to take advantage of yg's seungri and debut many groups and go back to big 3 and eliminate yg

                                          • Ganesh M
                                            Ganesh M  2 weeks back

                                            U r so funny!! first cross check the things and come. Jyp don't stoop that low like u think, to use seungri's scandal for his companies success. Have u ever wondered about trainees being there in his company for years waiting to get debut. It's better if u think openly and positively than to think like a drama villain. JYP is already in top of big3 in 2018 due to twice, got7 as bread winners

                                        • Maple-pancakes
                                          Maple-pancakes  3 weeks back

                                          Well I hope ITZY gets really successful!! <3

                                          • Satzu is the way
                                            Satzu is the way  3 weeks back

                                            and now itzy is a phenomenon

                                            • Yancho Spasov
                                              Yancho Spasov  3 weeks back

                                              I think that nowadays it's quantity over quality.Almost every kpop song in the newer generation sounds familiar and the things are kept on the surface.Only Mamamoo makes different music and Park Bom from this year.I hope Jyp. To take more new sounds in consideration when working with those musicians you've mentioned.

                                              • Kaitlyn Li
                                                Kaitlyn Li  3 weeks back

                                                *whispers jyp*

                                                • Grimly Surface
                                                  Grimly Surface  3 weeks back

                                                  JYP should not build a new building .. They should expand it

                                                  • Ukiss
                                                    Ukiss  3 weeks back

                                                    HE BETTER NOT FORGET ABOUT MY BABYSS TWICEEEE NOO

                                                  • kimmie Samuel
                                                    kimmie Samuel  3 weeks back

                                                    *JYP ENT.REALLY IS THE BIGGEST OF THE THREE*

                                                    • jisoo’s lone toenail
                                                      jisoo’s lone toenail  3 weeks back

                                                      *11:11** make a wish*

                                                      • EmotionalCactus
                                                        EmotionalCactus  3 weeks back

                                                        1:24 - 3:17 Me: oooo, I wonder who was a part of that test?
                                                        3:19 Me: HOLY F*KIN SHIT!!!!

                                                        • Cora M
                                                          Cora M  3 weeks back

                                                          but it best be quality over quanity

                                                          • M Leonardo
                                                            M Leonardo  3 weeks back

                                                            For as long as no JYP hgoups get into the kpop scandal that's currently trending, his plans (and stocks) should be fine.

                                                            Pretty sure he can do this. JYP have always been a visionary. The Wonder Girls was an example to his management prowess. But he gotta be human towards his talents as well, or else, these group will start bolting. Other companies can use a JYP talent to support.

                                                            • Goddess Jihyo
                                                              Goddess Jihyo  4 weeks back

                                                              How am I going to stream like 10000000 songs at once 0-0

                                                              • Victoria YS
                                                                Victoria YS  4 weeks back

                                                                No shade, but why doesn't he apply this to got7 now?

                                                                • Victoria YS
                                                                  Victoria YS  4 weeks back

                                                                  I'm just scared that the groups will have to compete with each other

                                                                  • Stan Talent Stan Mamamoo

                                                                    2:12 *i say this all the time for yg at every comeback*

                                                                    • Mar Ross
                                                                      Mar Ross  4 weeks back

                                                                      Why korean girls all have the same face?! Do all of them go to the same surgeon?

                                                                      • Ganesh M
                                                                        Ganesh M  2 weeks back

                                                                        It's because ur mind used to observe 1 or 2 race. If u watch kdramas like 3-4, u can definitely identify korean members cause u used to watch their faces. Not every korean gets surgery. Also their make up might make u feel like they look freaking same. I have this problem when I started watching dramas, but after 3 dramas I can differentiate most of koreans

                                                                    • 임최라
                                                                      임최라  4 weeks back

                                                                      YG fucked up, SM just let the famous one do the comebacks and ignore others artists. JYP even stop the music on some awards to shake lee min ho hand(when minho and suzy dating). He even makes his building like a fckng eco-system(full of plant,organic food,organic air conditioner which is i still dont know what the fuck is that)than a entertainment industry.
                                                                      He force all his artists to consume organic food,drinks etc. he actually cares to his artists. Not like others.

                                                                      • HouseofCM23
                                                                        HouseofCM23  4 weeks back

                                                                        This guy is a bop, don't talk about stock prices b

                                                                        • Jonah Rankin
                                                                          Jonah Rankin  4 weeks back

                                                                          7:10 can someone tell me what video that's from because goddamn

                                                                          • Amirah Panda Diyana
                                                                            Amirah Panda Diyana  4 weeks back

                                                                            its weird how JYP who was SUPPOSED to be the weakest out of 3 is doing more moves than the more RICHER companies, BECAUSE his goal isn't money

                                                                            • Amirah Panda Diyana
                                                                              Amirah Panda Diyana  4 weeks back

                                                                              i dont care what anyone says
                                                                              here is the pros of this idea,
                                                                              a lot of rookies under jyp will be more confident to have a future in it
                                                                              they will probably get more talent and thus more fame
                                                                              but in there there would also be more humble and kind idols coming out from here.
                                                                              opening more work opportunities to one goal. whether it be ' i wanna make music' ' i wanna be a singer' or etc
                                                                              no idols are left behind for the whole year. everybody is moving and not stopping
                                                                              everybody can show their talent.
                                                                              everyone is going their own PACE (stray kids shoutout)

                                                                              the cons:
                                                                              what about the solo acts? i hope the solo acts get more recognition eventhough they are doing just well like this. for example sunmi, sunmi had show her art through her music and people could relate to it. it was kind of sad that when she was in jyp she cant show it much, now yubin gets her shine with her art, but her music gets less recognition but doing well in charts.
                                                                              jimin is great and i dont get how south korean people dont see her as much. if only she can get a chance to mc for music shows and all cos i know she fkin can do thatttt. mc for other shows???
                                                                              yerin is doing well

                                                                              • Joshua Hong-Jesus
                                                                                Joshua Hong-Jesus  4 weeks back

                                                                                JYP: **speaking English**
                                                                                Me: Wait a minute what- **confused in Kpop**

                                                                                • HerbertElayda
                                                                                  HerbertElayda  4 weeks back

                                                                                  Sooooooo.. was ITZY a mistake?

                                                                                  Date check: March 25, 2019