15 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! (Part 2)

  • Published: 10 May 2018
  • We all know Gordon Ramsay is famous for screaming insults and spitting out food, but there are times where Gordon Ramsay is actually nice and is impressed by the food! We put together a second list of 15 times when Gordon Ramsay actually liked the food Part 2! Like we’ve seen in our three previous videos, it does happen all the time. It’s just pretty rare. That's why we continued to search high and low so we could show more of those happier times in Gordon’s life.

    Most chefs are incapable of satisfying Gordon Ramsay’s sophisticated needs, but every now and then a chef manages to blow Ramsay away. It doesn’t happen often, but we’ve found the rare instances where Gordon Ramsay actually enjoyed the food. Just like we’ve seen in our past videos, Gordon Ramsay has had a few moments where he actually liked the food that other people have prepared for him. We all know that Gordon Ramsay seems to have a soft spot for kids. We’ve done some additional research and found 15 more Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD from other people on the show MasterChef Junior.

    As you have seen in our other videos. Gordon Ramsay liking food is not a hoax. This actually happened. So, hold onto your forks & knives, because you are about to be blown away for the 4th time!

    If you think you would like the food Gordon Ramsay ate in this video, then comment #RamsayLiked

    0:34 Quani’s Cupcake
    2:02 Evan’s Pumpkin Sweet Potato Ravioli
    3:20 Beni’s Cocoa Rubbed Filet Mignon
    4:52 Olivia’s Cocoa Rubbed Steak
    6:13 Quani’s Flourless Cake
    7:09 Sammy’s Pan-Seared Steak
    8:22 Remy and Anthony’s dish
    9:54 Remy’s Donuts
    11:03 Maria’s Puff Pastry
    12:07 Tilly Ramsay’s Burger
    13:25 Mikey’s Burger
    14:35 Evan’s Burger
    15:52 Ayla and Jimmy's sushi boat
    16:56 Beni’s steak
    18:12 Avery's Unique Burger Tasting

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      Love ur videos, greetings from the Netherlands

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    Thanks now Im even more sad! I can't even cook anything :(

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      Is no one going to talk about how the thumbnail is so photoshopped??

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        Anyone else relize that they were all like kids

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          *nice fries, dude!*

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            Gordon Ramsay join chat
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            • Die Potato
              Die Potato  1 days back

              Those Asian foods are delicious. Y’all should try some. Forgot the name tho cuz I don’t pay attention to the name just how it tastes

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                Thanks for your feedback Die Potato! 😄

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              It really is too bad this show is on Fox! I just won't watch anything on that station...and that sucks because this looks like a great show!

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              Their 10 and can make exquisite meals I'm over here 13 years old and I made the fire alarm go off making BACON!!!!! BACON!!!!! and I wanna be a culinary artist when I grow up 😓😓😓😓
              Not only that but I almost burned down my house making POPCORN the microwave was smoking and it smelled so bad 😂😂

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              The number of times I've overcooked my eggs lmao

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              Beni is a girl...?

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              Gordon ramsey with kids: This is great how do you do this at this small age

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                LOL Artistic iPad 😂😜 Yes Indeed 😁😁

            • The Girl
              The Girl  2 days back

              Im a picky eater :^

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                4:47 ( Gordon: good job young LADY)
                Isn’t it a boy!!!!

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                        Beni is a kid no? I mean that voice is a boys voice at least for me

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                          I’m hungry now wtf

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                            When does he call these kids "fucking idiots"

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                                I'm 20 and all I know is to make ramen noodles

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                                                        What did you expect? Him disliking kids?

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