Dwyer 2-12-19 Post Fight Gervonta Davis v. Hugo Ruiz #gamblersadvisory #bettingangle


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  • andoryt
    andoryt  2 months back

    Davis is overrated, but it not means, he will lose or struggle to any bum.

    • Motion Alex
      Motion Alex  2 months back

      I have a question.
      Does a casino sportbooks lose money when you win a bet?

      • Booda Monk
        Booda Monk  2 months back

        Hugo tried to run but couldn't hide,Tank was cutting off the ring like a predator hunting his food lol. Tank is a beast!

        • Chris Goulding
          Chris Goulding  2 months back

          Surely won't be able to make 130 for much longer? His future will be at 135lbs

          • tabundo001
            tabundo001  2 months back

            I think he could make weight if he didn't become fat while not fighting. He looked really fat on Wilder Fury. If he stayed fit all year around he could make 130 with a bit of work.

        • Chris Mac
          Chris Mac  2 months back

          Dwyer = fantastic boxing commentary. Even if the predictions aren’t correct, the logic is always compelling!

          • davidjschneider
            davidjschneider  2 months back

            Dwyer if you would pick anybody who is currently fighting at 130 or below to beat Tank, you're even crazier than I thought.

            • Marathon OG
              Marathon OG  2 months back

              +tabundo001 If Tanks resume is garbage then Berchelts resume is dookie....Pedraza is more accomplished than anyone on Berchelts resume.

            • THEO ARTHUR BAKER
              THEO ARTHUR BAKER  2 months back

              he is a hater and that a fact,

            • tabundo001
              tabundo001  2 months back

              Berchelt has a better resume, also young and getting better, more active, makes 130 without killing himself sweating.

              If Tank faced at least challenger level opposition at 130 often it would be easy to measure. Dudes been fighting lower weights for almost two years. Other than Pedraza and Fonseca (who he finished with a rabbit punch while he was down), Tanks resume is absolute garbage.

          • jim bo
            jim bo  2 months back

            Davis is broner 2.0

          • kufujitsu
            kufujitsu  2 months back

            It may have been psychological to a point, but Ruiz really felt those punches.
            if Ruiz had longer to prepare, maybe he could have put on good weight instead of superficial weight, but I don't know if it would have made that much of a difference.
            I picked Ruiz to last mid-way through the fight before Tank caught up with him - when you see Ruiz display his skills in some of his better fights, you would see why.
            Tank looks like he improving rapidly, but he needs to take on better opposition for us to be sure about him - it seems like he's going to rest on the Pedraza win for a while, & keep taking on opponents he knows he can beat...

            • kufujitsu
              kufujitsu  2 months back

              +THEO ARTHUR BAKER Which part of my comment brands me as a hater? Just curious...

            • THEO ARTHUR BAKER
              THEO ARTHUR BAKER  2 months back

              boxing is a business kid and not any of your wish list. tank has nothing to do when another fighter cannot fight or pull out of a fight. your hater want tank to lose so you all can take your candy ass home happy. stop being a hater and be a relater dumb ass.

          • Thank You!
            Thank You!  2 months back

            Bad corner and coaching

            • bengolfs1
              bengolfs1  2 months back

              You're much too cerebral when analyzing fights and, in particular, the thrashing we all saw Saturday. You have that luxury of perspective and telling everyone what Ruiz should have done. That's all good, but i would imagine it's a different story when you have one of the biggest punchers in the game trying to take your head off and winging shots at you. Ruiz was basically served up as a sacrificial lamb to Davis. He was a last minute shill who did what he was supposed to do.

              • Vs andbeats
                Vs andbeats  2 months back

                Dwyer please learn from this. Dont now go straight back to the Casino and put all your money behing Jacobs to beat the darling of boxing judges favourite Canelo... you're gonna be back here complaining after losing your money saying the same thing!!

                • hagler10033
                  hagler10033  2 months back

                  Davis’s face spoke volumes post fight with stayawayweather, he won’t put up with the BS, he won’t accept the criticism fighting smaller men ala ‘froid’

                  • Kobe Bryant
                    Kobe Bryant  2 months back

                    What about when The god of boxing Floyd Joy Mayweather beat Canelo who out weighed him by 25 pounds, you clown pactard?

                • SiLo Mixing and Mastering

                  Complete mismatch

                  • cebuanostud
                    cebuanostud  2 months back

                    Maybe if Ruiz had a big bet "over" he would have been more motivated to continue to fight lol. He felt the power and that was it for him.

                    • khayree jannah
                      khayree jannah  2 months back

                      Davis was very good at cutting off the ring

                      • Brother Mouzone
                        Brother Mouzone  2 months back

                        Hey Dwyer - a couple of points: 1) Davis I thought did an excellent job cutting off the ring - when Ruiz tried to move it seemed in some instances he would almost beat Ruiz to the spot. So I think it was more Davis pressuring Ruiz into the corner as opposed to him willingly moving there. 2) You talk about Gervonta's troubles making weight and question his conditioning as if he's some old man LOL - Davis just turned 24 a few months ago. At that age and being the athlete he is IMO he's able to get away a bit with the weight fluctuations/not being disciplined and still look excellent on fight night. But of course that stuff will catch up with him as he gets older... won't be able to get away with it forever.

                        • THEO ARTHUR BAKER
                          THEO ARTHUR BAKER  2 months back

                          he is a hater, just listen at all the none sense and the on and on. sorry guy davis didnot lost to make people happy. better luck next time.

                      • D.OG215
                        D.OG215  2 months back

                        Everyone Has a plan..until they get punched in the face..

                        • Booda Monk
                          Booda Monk  2 months back

                          😂😂😂😂 exactly.

                      • NONINNYHAMMER 5
                        NONINNYHAMMER 5  2 months back

                        The point you are missing Dwyer... is the guy was afraid.. terrified..he almost ran to the corner and out of the ring..

                        • NONINNYHAMMER 5
                          NONINNYHAMMER 5  2 months back

                          He never left retreat mode.. literally so I don't know what Dwyer is or was expecting..lol

                        • The BrotherHood
                          The BrotherHood  2 months back

                          terrified after feeling the power

                      • Mis-ter Solitude
                        Mis-ter Solitude  2 months back

                        1:00 i knew you it! you into that kinky stuff.

                        • ConEnigma
                          ConEnigma  2 months back

                          It was that left shot to the body that set things up

                          • Jean
                            Jean  2 months back

                            Nothing to talk Here there were 2 other fights that took place over the weekend that were of major importance

                            • TravFDY🔥
                              TravFDY🔥  2 months back

                              Damn Rich. I gotta give it to you. You made a 30 minute video talking about a 2 minute fight. I didn't even bother talking about this 💩😄

                              • Kopend09
                                Kopend09  2 months back

                                Rich is not a casual he’s a hard core fan

                              • THEO ARTHUR BAKER
                                THEO ARTHUR BAKER  2 months back

                                i agree. and it seem to me that rich is a hater and was bent on davis losing. the loser stated that he would k.o davis and old rich has a problem with that. rich views is pointless and he need to talk about something else and not about davis.

                              • kufujitsu
                                kufujitsu  2 months back

                                @TravFDY Only Dwyer can rant for 30 minutes & make it interesting...

                              • pncKing
                                pncKing  2 months back

                                TravFDY ✔ 😆 It’s therapeutic for him.

                              • khayree jannah
                                khayree jannah  2 months back


                            • Omar Merriwether
                              Omar Merriwether  2 months back

                              He didnt jus run over to the corner lol.. Tank punched him & he went into retreat.. The guy said he's never felt power like that on another video.. There are 2 people in the ring, why assume a fighter is willingly doing things that play into his opponent's strengths. Tank would beat Ruiz 10 out of 10.. in less than 10 minutes lol

                              • PG13
                                PG13  2 months back

                                Champions these days can't even do commonsense to help themselves in the ring

                                • Alex Sol
                                  Alex Sol  2 months back

                                  Good breakdown. I think you’re asking too much for a guy like Hugo tho lol also I think Tank is a better all around boxer than Tyson. He has better lead straight power punches ( like a pretty boy) and can actually fight and hurt you off of his back-foot. Better lateral movements and creativity. Not saying he’s greater than Tyson, that’s yet to be seen but overall a more complete fighter

                                  • Patrick Castillo
                                    Patrick Castillo  2 months back

                                    Yes, your advice got me killed at the fight party I attended lol.

                                    • tabundo001
                                      tabundo001  2 months back

                                      Hahaha you should always bet the opposite of what Dwyer tells you.

                                    • cashJOHNNYcash17
                                      cashJOHNNYcash17  2 months back

                                      Remember The opinion you should follow should be your own

                                  • Igor Malevanny
                                    Igor Malevanny  2 months back

                                    I want to see him vs Teofimo Lopez. That would be a good fight before step up vs Lomachenko.
                                    No reason for "Champions" and making a big deal out of them when they are not fighting the best.

                                    • tabundo001
                                      tabundo001  2 months back

                                      That would be a good fight, but López is at 135, and Davis isn't gonna move up if he doesn't get a belt at 135. I don't think López can make 130 comfortably, otherwise he would be fighting there.

                                      He could fight another champion to really show he is at the top. Ito, Berchelt.

                                  • Haters Have Opinion
                                    Haters Have Opinion  2 months back

                                    Dwyer Wanted Ppl To Place There Bet Over 7 Rds.... Fight Didn't Past A Minute

                                    • Boundless Boxing Talk
                                      Boundless Boxing Talk  2 months back

                                      +Haters Have Opinion Fool. I'm saying he bet over 4.5. Jesus christ...

                                    • Boundless Boxing Talk
                                      Boundless Boxing Talk  2 months back

                                      +Deluded Dwyer hahaha

                                    • Boundless Boxing Talk
                                      Boundless Boxing Talk  2 months back

                                      +Al Czervik exactly.

                                    • Deluded Dwyer
                                      Deluded Dwyer  2 months back

                                      Joke is on you. The opinion you should follow should be your own. I actually secretly put my money on Davis by KO 1. Even I don't follow my own advice.

                                    • Al Czervik
                                      Al Czervik  2 months back

                                      The opinion you follow should be your own.