Marlon Moraes' Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC Fight Night: Brazil | ESPN MMA


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  • James Ashbrook
    James Ashbrook  2 months back

    Marlon Moraes' is the next challenger for the title at BW (135) also I expect him to be an champion congrats on the win in Brazil

    • It's Alright
      It's Alright  2 months back

      TJ may as well just give Marlon the belt because he is not gonna beat this guy. Only guy I can see beating him is Dom who would just avoid the fight the entire time.

      • Larry Medina
        Larry Medina  2 months back

        Translators need to up the emotion and match the emotion.

        • LegacyEvoAce
          LegacyEvoAce  2 months back

          Straight up beast.

          • Philip Hernandez
            Philip Hernandez  2 months back

            Those diarrhea mosquitos will get you.

          • josh minto
            josh minto  2 months back

            Marlon gonna eat tj with ez

            • Frank V
              Frank V  2 months back

              Great fight but lets talk diarrhea.

              • Larry Medina
                Larry Medina  2 months back

                Floyd is the greatest he would fight with diareiah dripping from his ass.

              • Manteiv
                Manteiv  2 months back

                You're still reppin' that pic of Conor getting his ass spanked by Floyd hahaha... You're a real one lmao

            • NED JARIC
              NED JARIC  3 months back

              Marlon kos dillashaw

              • Manteiv
                Manteiv  2 months back

                That would be the cherry on top of the cake. Curious to see what are TJ's excuses going to be after the fight...

              • Johan Liebert
                Johan Liebert  2 months back

                i can see that happening Marlon has the power advantage for sure but TJs footwork and head movement may be enough for him to win

            • salil pai
              salil pai  3 months back

              Super impressive win. Totally underestimated him coz Assuncao never losses. But I still have my man TJ.

              • Larry Medina
                Larry Medina  2 months back

                salil pai TJ eats hearts while they are still beating. It's on Utube. He killed an Elk than cooked the heart. Facts.

            • RogueSinister
              RogueSinister  3 months back

              Bantamweight should be the lowest weight class. There is no need for a Men's Flyweight division in the UFC. To make matters worse the champion at 125 would fit in very well at 135.

              • Emiliano Espinosa
                Emiliano Espinosa  3 months back

                He looks huge as fuck for a bantamweight,

                • rshadio
                  rshadio  3 months back

                  just give the belt up TJ

                  • TX X
                    TX X  3 months back

                    Good chin. Good hands. Good kick. Good grappling. Rip TJ

                    • Luis303 M
                      Luis303 M  3 months back

                      Speak English wtf is this

                      • Larry Medina
                        Larry Medina  2 months back

                        Luis303 M they hv top translators. U are getting a accurate understanding.

                      • Kahuna_DGC
                        Kahuna_DGC  2 months back

                        +Luis303 M they deffinetly should talk in any language they want with technology no need to worry easy to✌💚

                      • Luis303 M
                        Luis303 M  2 months back

                        Yes even someone named Luis, which should tell you I’m not trying to be racist, I just enjoy hearing the fighters speak for themselves

                      • Kahuna_DGC
                        Kahuna_DGC  2 months back

                        They can speak wtf ever they want god bless em but translate in english..lmao

                      • Ninja Pirate
                        Ninja Pirate  2 months back

                        Someone named "luis" doesn't want fighters to speak their native language in their home country 😆

                    • John Youngblood
                      John Youngblood  3 months back

                      Marlon is a beast. Im on the Marlon train. I watched their first fight last weekend w a buddy of mine. I figured Marlon was going to win this rematch.

                      • ural wong
                        ural wong  3 months back

                        "can you explain your diarrhoea?" what kind of question is that

                        • Betsy Rocks
                          Betsy Rocks  2 months back

                          I want a full explanation with photo evidence.

                        • Larry Medina
                          Larry Medina  2 months back

                          He was sick and almost pulled out. Great question.

                        • Johan Liebert
                          Johan Liebert  2 months back

                          how many chunks was there corn in it all valid questions

                        • tre
                          tre  2 months back

                          Brasil question.

                        • Wet Noodle
                          Wet Noodle  2 months back

                          A really good one, that's what it was

                      • Masimo Masihi
                        Masimo Masihi  3 months back

                        Dillashaw vs Moraes - Let’s go UFC. Make the fight.

                      • Thanos
                        Thanos  3 months back

                        Please don't ever do this shit again, let them speak English, no one in Brazil cares to listen to post fight press they prolly got work tomorrow

                        • Larry Medina
                          Larry Medina  2 months back

                          They got interpret so why u gringo us? Kick me, Kike me, never black and white me.....ALL I GOT TO SAY IS GRINGOS DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US.

                        • Kahuna_DGC
                          Kahuna_DGC  2 months back

                          Wtf press conference you miss half what they

                        • JackieChan Foo
                          JackieChan Foo  3 months back

                          Thats racist

                      • wuhzly_☆
                        wuhzly_☆  3 months back

                        Marlon 100% should be the next in line for the title! Finishing Assuncao was super impressive. He's gonna give Tj or Cejudo a hell of a fight

                        • Manteiv
                          Manteiv  2 months back

                          Doesn't matter who he fights next because he'll knock him out. He's gonna be champion, no doubt. It's only a matter of time.

                        • wuhzly_☆
                          wuhzly_☆  3 months back

                          +DJ C Plenty said the same about Tj vs Cejudo haha. Can't count that guy out anymore imo!

                        • DJ C
                          DJ C  3 months back

                          wuhzly_☆ He’d sleep Henry, great match up for Marlon