Patriots didn't need Tom Brady to carry them to Super Bowl win | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  • michael Castle
    michael Castle  2 months back

    I guess the ball trew itself....

    • Sami Shamroukh
      Sami Shamroukh  2 months back

      Okay so his 3 straight touchdown drives to beat KC weren’t needed

      • Brian Landry
        Brian Landry  2 months back

        jesus mike...bill doesnt trust tom brady on a 3rd and 8 in a big game? where you been for the last 18 years you putz. all you jerks will keep spewing this over the cliff crap till its true ...then you'll be right. how mature of you.


        • Super NinjaX1
          Super NinjaX1  2 months back

          2020 guys lol sorry

          • Daniel Galicia
            Daniel Galicia  3 months back

            These guys can't wait for Brady to retire

            • Derek Theodore
              Derek Theodore  3 months back

              Didn't need Brady the GOAT at the Chiefs 2 weeks ago? Just saying

              • maineshire
                maineshire  3 months back

                God you guys sound like Jets fans! 😅

                • William Lee
                  William Lee  3 months back

                  Yes, but they wouldn't have made SB without Bady, like they wouldn't have made playoff without Brady in 2001 season.