Jose Aldo gets his first suit | Turn Back the Clock | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show


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  • Mohammed Abdullah
    Mohammed Abdullah  2 months back

    That was beautiful!

    • James Abarca
      James Abarca  2 months back

      You're retarded. Even if he would have retired. He would've still gone down as the goat. Shit yu mouth big nose mf. You smell like Irish balls

      • Adam Strapz
        Adam Strapz  2 months back

        13 seconds loss will always be remembered unless he dont get his revenge

        • Victor Kuo
          Victor Kuo  2 months back

          That's pure joy on his face. Very cool moment!

            ZEESHAN TKD TRICKSTAR  2 months back

            Friends watch my martial arts videos
            Zee Tkd Trickstar

            • Robert Goldman
              Robert Goldman  2 months back

              He stole it from Reddit

              • The Furschlong
                The Furschlong  2 months back

                It's funny seeing people so surprised at how good Aldo is lol. PEOPLE HE WAS UNDEFEATED FOR 10 YEARS IN A STACKED DIVISION. You think he was on top for so long because he sucked? 🤔😂🤣

                • 96greon
                  96greon  2 months back

                  He didn't look good at all eyes closed swinging for the fences there wasn't any real technique in this win

                  • game land
                    game land  2 months back

                    I think that makes him so dangerous, Aldo may have the best flurry in mma history when he tees off shot come so quick there overwlemimg, remember the first Holloway fight, max was in serious trouble at the beginning

                • Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

                  Aldo seems like a really good dude.

                  • IronReef77
                    IronReef77  2 months back

                    Aldo is def in the legendary category and anyone who brings up the Conor loss to deny that is probably a casual fanboy. I dont really like Jose much based on how he acts after a loss and what he says to others who've lost but cant deny his credit

                    • Jam
                      Jam  2 months back

                      Theres something about this that makes me so happy lol

                      • Joey C
                        Joey C  2 months back

                        Jose vs Conor 2

                        • Joey C
                          Joey C  2 months back


                          • Nina
                            Nina  2 months back

                            I am a hard core Conor fan but love Jose Aldo for everything he has accomplished and what he keeps accomplishing today. Love seeing him fight and always cheer for him. Most amazing fighter of our time for sure.

                            • Shade 45
                              Shade 45  2 months back

                              8 title defence

                            • Jesualdo Braga
                              Jesualdo Braga  2 months back

                              u'r full of shit, just because did not have back to back finishes, does not mean he wasn't at his best, it just shows how good his competition was int he UFC VS WEC. How come you call yourself an annalist and don't know this,

                              AMAZING. NOW I KNOW WHY FIGHTERS DON'T LIKE YOU

                              • loveforthe90s
                                loveforthe90s  2 months back

                                He looks like he’s getting ready for a career as a waiter

                                • hard target
                                  hard target  2 months back

                                  Rematch and revenge against the cheater in life and inside the octagon Conor would taste so good

                                • Eric Plando
                                  Eric Plando  2 months back

                                  turn back the clock to 13 seconds.

                                  • Eric Plando
                                    Eric Plando  2 months back

                                    +game land doesn't make ...Sense.

                                  • game land
                                    game land  2 months back

                                    Doesn't make since Virgin

                                • As you Were
                                  As you Were  2 months back

                                  Well he can get a CHAMP CHAMP McGregors suit now ;)

                                  • Tariq Saraiki
                                    Tariq Saraiki  2 months back

                                    Just Make a rematch aganist Max Holloway And he Will makes a hat trick

                                    • Bradley Thomsen
                                      Bradley Thomsen  2 months back

                                      True champion. If the UFC pushed his brand half of McGregor's.

                                      • Nicholas Maher
                                        Nicholas Maher  2 months back

                                        Which begs the question.

                                        Just how good is Max Holloway?

                                        • had an
                                          had an  2 months back

                                          Look what dustin did to max lol

                                        • had an
                                          had an  2 months back

                                          +hadi abbas conor is a tap machine.

                                        • Nicholas Maher
                                          Nicholas Maher  2 months back

                                          +hadi abbas Which makes you wonder. Just how good is Joe Duffy?

                                        • hadi abbas
                                          hadi abbas  2 months back

                                          Which ultimately begs the question
                                          How good is conor McGregor?

                                      • emoneydatruth1
                                        emoneydatruth1  2 months back

                                        Aldo vs McGregor 2 should happen while Aldo has his stock so high. It will put the winner in a position to get a rematch with Max.

                                        • emoneydatruth1
                                          emoneydatruth1  2 months back

                                          +SoccerScoutsBDTM I could see aldo chasing him aswell wherever he went so he can erase that loss to Mystic Mac.

                                        • emoneydatruth1
                                          emoneydatruth1  2 months back

                                          +SoccerScoutsBDTM I wouldnt say never because this is now a superfight rematch. Aldo put his stock up alot with these last few wins and has Rio in his palm. Easy million for the ufc.

                                        • SoccerScoutsBDTM
                                          SoccerScoutsBDTM  2 months back

                                          McGregor won't drop back to 145. Aldo's also willing to fight him at 155

                                      • Rj
                                        Rj  2 months back

                                        Nah we would of always remembered him for his 10 year run

                                        • Double Cheeseburger
                                          Double Cheeseburger  2 months back

                                          I went into your locker and smashed your glasses

                                          • aJupacabra
                                            aJupacabra  2 months back

                                            Legend of the sport who is going to be remember for 13 seconds.

                                          • Philip Wong
                                            Philip Wong  2 months back

                                            Pretty much confirms that mma media steals content from reddit. Saw this posted like 2 days ago and now they post it too.

                                            • IronReef77
                                              IronReef77  2 months back

                                              Alrighty then detective Wong

                                            • Glybirdy
                                              Glybirdy  2 months back

                                              It's an old clip dude. Relax.

                                          • bruh _
                                            bruh _  2 months back

                                            Absolute Legend 👑

                                            • Jose Leal
                                              Jose Leal  2 months back

                                              hes not going to be defind about the conor loss, as long as you dont bring it up every 13 seconds ariel
                                              (pun intended)

                                              • The King of Brazil
                                                The King of Brazil  2 months back

                                                Fook the Helwani’s

                                                • MemeL0rd xXx 69
                                                  MemeL0rd xXx 69  2 months back

                                                  He's an underrated GOAT.

                                                  He beats the fighters of his previous generation.
                                                  He beats the fighters of his generation.
                                                  He also beats the fighters of the next generation.

                                                  I don't think any other GOATS have ever done that

                                                  • A Unique Disposition
                                                    A Unique Disposition  2 months back

                                                    He beat the generation before him like the Hughes of the world.

                                                    Then he beat his generation like the Shields, Josh K. of the world.

                                                    Afterwards, after a long layoff and injury, came back to defeat the next generation of fighters like the Condits, the Hendricks of the world.

                                                  • john doe
                                                    john doe  2 months back

                                                    MemeL0rd xXx 69 agreed and as a striker he didn’t have the glaring wrestling weakness like an Anderson Silva.

                                                  • The Furschlong
                                                    The Furschlong  2 months back

                                                    +Aniruddha Sharma Also people who think Conor is greater. Since Aldo was on top in 2009 he has lost to 2 people in the last 13 years. Conor got on top at 2015 he lost to 2 people in 2 years. Crazy how people don't see how good Aldo is and was.

                                                  • The Furschlong
                                                    The Furschlong  2 months back

                                                    Yeah Aldo did beat 2 generation of fighters, crazy how he schools these contenders still.

                                                  • john doe
                                                    john doe  2 months back

                                                    +anony moose chill out you gimp

                                                • JeepZJ 101
                                                  JeepZJ 101  2 months back

                                                  Did Dana white thumb down this video!? Who's being a hater??? Come forward you Coward! Show yourself you bum! Ariel is the best in the sport! Have some respect! 💯🐐🤣

                                                  • The Hh
                                                    The Hh  2 months back

                                                    I watched that video recently, it's so contagious! 😂

                                                    • Frank Mill
                                                      Frank Mill  2 months back

                                                      and now we will only remember Conor for Mur Mur Mur Mur Mur!!!

                                                      • Hi T1000
                                                        Hi T1000  2 months back

                                                        +Jam Until Khabib? Dumbass Khabib was champ so McGregor never defended once lol. N I didn't know Aldo, Alvarez, Diaz, Holloway, Poirier, n Mendes were cherry picked opponents.... literally everything was 100% FACTS that can't be disputed or countered. The best anyone could do is, "your a nutthugger!" Cause u can't actually countered what I said

                                                      • Hi T1000
                                                        Hi T1000  2 months back

                                                        +Frank Mill everything u said was just a bunch of biased opinions

                                                      • Jam
                                                        Jam  2 months back

                                                        Hi T1000 u sound like a massive conor nuthugger to me lmao. Your useing the ‘i have a black friend so i cant be racist’ narrative to hide your conor dicksucking skills. Lets be honest, conor NEVER DEFENDED any of his belts up until khabib and then he got smashed. All his fights where cherry picked thats why he never pulled out lol, and he was a 155 bullying 145s, agree that khabib is probebly a 165/70 bullying 155s but atleast khabib defends his belt

                                                      • Frank Mill
                                                        Frank Mill  2 months back

                                                        +Hi T1000 I didn't comment on your post You jumped on my post defending Conor ...all I said was Conor will be remembered for Mur Mur felt some kinda way and decided to Act like a FanBoy and defend McGregor ...Conor did this and Conor Beat this guy LMAO ...I can tell your a recent Ship Jumping bandwagon chaser ...Who ever the Champ is was who you were going for all along type of FanBoys ...who still has fillings for McGregor or you would have just liked the comment like other people did instead of saying I rooted for Conor and dis Aldo when he lost in 13 sec have no old YouTube post of me saying anything bad about Aldo or anything yet you hop on my comment and just make up some BS ...just because your in you're feelings over Conor ...Mur Mur Mur Mur Mur ...dont pretend like your not a McNugget FanBoy because thats what your acting like ....a Soft Azz McNutHugger LMAO

                                                      • Hi T1000
                                                        Hi T1000  2 months back

                                                        +Frank Mill: What did I say to make u think I'm a McGregor fanboy? I even said it was good that Khabib whooped his ass! Lol. Haters are you biased no matter what and you're clearly one of them cause u can't counter anything I said

                                                    • Retards Will Reply
                                                      Retards Will Reply  2 months back

                                                      13 seconds.

                                                      • game land
                                                        game land  2 months back

                                                        Jose finished his past 2 opponents, conor got finished by his last 2 opponents

                                                      • c C dsds
                                                        c C dsds  2 months back

                                                        Gsp lost aswell, doesnt mean anything

                                                      • Jose Leal
                                                        Jose Leal  2 months back

                                                        is how long you've fallowed mma

                                                    • Jason Korbus
                                                      Jason Korbus  2 months back

                                                      Cool moment.

                                                      • Retards Will Reply
                                                        Retards Will Reply  2 months back

                                                        Ariel you're a bitch.

                                                        • Yeet Skeet
                                                          Yeet Skeet  2 months back

                                                          When Aldo was on top, he was very overlooked, and underappreciated, and maybe it's because he didn't finish a lot of his fights when he was on top, but he was having amazing performances. It sucks that all casuals only know him by getting starched in 13 seconds. I hope when he retires, he gets the appreciate he deserves.

                                                          • Eric Plando
                                                            Eric Plando  2 months back

                                                            fastest KO in championship history though!

                                                        • Ainz Ooal Pwn 229
                                                          Ainz Ooal Pwn 229  2 months back

                                                          Dude I'm not gonna lie...there are some real rotten motherfuckers out there though. Total egomaniacs.

                                                          • Pepsiontoast303
                                                            Pepsiontoast303  2 months back

                                                            When you were getting your first game console

                                                            • Ben Walters
                                                              Ben Walters  2 months back


                                                              • Arman M
                                                                Arman M  2 months back