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Seeking Discomfort | YES THEORY | [email protected] TEDx Talks
1 years back
Yes Theory explains how they got together and tells us about the good things that seeking discomfort has brought them. With their guests brought from LA they ...
Seek Discomfort / Yes Theory Clothing Unboxing and Review Cole Kellow
10 months back
This video unboxes and reviews the Seek Discomfort clothing from the Yes Theory Youtube Channel. This video is completely to showcase what the type of ...
Giving a 9-Year-Old Her Dream Job for 24hrs!! Yes Theory
3 weeks back
This video is sponsored by Warner Bros. for their new movie, Shazam! @shazammovie #SHAZAM What did you want to be ...
1 years back
comfort shouldn't be something we look to things of the world for. When we can give up the idea of needing materialistic things and man-made things to "comfort" ...
2 Years of YES in 7 Minutes Yes Theory
2 years back
Well, here it is! We are unveiling a new 5-day series focusing on the story of Yes Theory and what lies ahead for us and for you. We have worked our butts off to ...
Seek Discomfort! How Being Uncomfortable Can Benefit You. 5am Mornings RiosWave
4 months back
Today I'm going to be speaking about discomfort and how it could benefit you. A lot of people do not like being uncomfortable or finding themselves in ...
Seek Discomfort - Ivan P. Ivan P.
5 months back
Dubai has become my home for the past 13 years, it was my comfort zone as an individual knowing the people who makes me happy and contented.
What we don't show YOU on YOUTUBE.. Yes Theory
2 years back
We usually have a really positive outlook on life, but even us have gotten through rough times and overcame a lot of obstacles to be here. We still do. Hope you ...
We let a Stranger Become our CEO for 48hrs... Yes Theory
2 months back
Season 7 of Seek Discomfort is out now for only 72 hours! We've always wondered what it'd be like to have a stranger run our ...
4 months back
This video was sponsored by Destination Canada who has just released an original series titled “Vacations of the Brave,” on Amazon Prime Video. Check out ...
11 months back
Rep the movement Follow the Seek Discomfort instagram for limited offers: @seek.discomfort.
2 months back
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The STRANGE advice ELON MUSK gave me at age 18 Yes Theory
2 years back
Dear Elon Musk, wanna get in a hot tub and discuss simulation theory with us? We think that'd be pretty cool. Tweet us @YesTheory Get your 2 months of free ...
Challenging a Strangers to give a TED Talk in a Foreign Country. Yes Theory
12 months back
Big announcement about Will Smith at the end... But first, we were invited to give our first TEDx Talk... So we thought it'd be interesting to ask a stranger.
YOU Can Change YOUR LIFE For $0 Yes Theory
2 years back
Here it is! The final part of our 5 Part Series is here and it's about YOU. It's easy to think that you can only have fun once you make enough money but what we've ...
The power of discomfort | Marc Chesley | TEDxFargo TEDx Talks
5 years back
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Marc explores why you should seek discomfort every day.
BEST OF YES THEORY 2018 - Rewind Of Our Year Yes Theory
4 months back
What's your first baby step going to be? Here's our Rewind of the best moments from the Yes Theory family this year. Only 2 more weeks of Seek Discomfort ...
2 years back
What's YOUR biggest insecurity/fear? Comment! As a way to overcome our biggest insecurities we decided to share them with strangers in public on the Santa ...
The Beauty of Discomfort | Amanda Lang | TEDxQueensU TEDx Talks
1 years back
Why do some people drive change while others are blindsided by it? Why are some people able to adapt and thrive? How can we make change easier?
9 months back
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Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out Yes Theory
5 months back
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Finally... WILL SMITH! Yes Theory
9 months back
After months of anticipation...we finally met the man, the myth, the legend...Will Smith. And the announcement he dropped is epic. Wait till the end :) Will's ...
We All Should Seek Discomfort | YES THEORY | Pratik Deo
1 years back
I Love Yes Theory and this is just a fan video.
SEEK DISCOMFORT // 2018 Anthony Tullio
5 months back
Well, it's only taken me a fractured foot and a couple years to finally make a video. Hahah. You never know what life has in store my friends, but I wouldn't take ...
3 months back
We're back! First 500 of you to sign up to Skillshare get it for free for 2 months: G'luck! For our first episode of 2019 we wanted to help ...
Seeking Discomfort Joe Delaney
4 years back
Should I seek discomfort? The Vishrant Buddhist Society
1 years back
Vishrant responds to a question about the need to seek discomfort in order to heal wounding and surrender during Satsang at Restful Waters in Bedfordale, ...
SEEK DISCOMFORT Steven Ramon Films
8 months back
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Convincing Strangers at Airport to Fly Somewhere Else with us... Yes Theory
5 months back
Go to for our last season of the year! If you order now you're guaranteed to receive it before the holidays. Now for this episode.
Song For Yes Theory (Seek Discomfort) - Spencer Vincent Spencer Vincent
10 months back
I wanted to write this song because the Yes Theory crew inspires me more with every video they make. I wanted to give back and let them know they're doing a ...
PAYING OFF SUBSCRIBER'S STUDENT DEBT (and making his life dream come true) Yes Theory
5 months back
Seek Discomfort only available for a few more weeks (100 world scratch maps for the first 100 to make a purchase from the site: ...
MY EXPERIENCE SEEKING DISCOMFORT *Yes Theory Challenge* Caleb Poppell
6 months back
'today I decided to say yes to everything. this is my story.' Check me out everywhere else too: Twitter: Instagram: ...
We Gave Our Address To Subscribers...this is what happened Yes Theory
2 months back
Thank you to Wish for sponsoring this video, shop with them here: For our last episode in this house ever, we decided to celebrate it with ...
seek discomfort sweatshirt Jackanator3
4 weeks back
comment what videos i should upload in the future im thinking about doing vlog type things? maybe thrift shop videos... might have something like that come out ...
1 years back
This year, I want to continue to grow and push my limits, and I want your help! Instagram- music: All Eyes- Crooked ...
Seek Discomfort // a film by Amy Wisegarver Amy Wisegarver
1 years back
I will be posting more documentation of my adventures, travels, skydives, and other things I love on this channel. Stay tuned for more. Thank you to YesTheory ...
Seek discomfort: What is exposure therapy? - BIANCA FOGAH Sally Garozzo
5 days back
What is exposure therapy? Bianca after leaving an abusive relationship feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, depressed and unable to leave her house met some ...
Seek Discomfort PART 1 Mel Watson
4 weeks back
My friend Yahya & I decided to try a social experiment. We wanted to prove that even in this crazy world we live in, all you need is an open mind, some love and ...
Seek discomfort | Grow Raymond Isiah
6 months back
Check out my latest vlog: "Rain on the Beach | Vlog 93" --~-- Check out my gear on Kit: ...
10 months back
Yes Theory is a YouTube channel that promotes seeking discomfort and living a life of no regrets. They recently created a Facebook page for their fan base to ...
Seeking Discomfort - My First Performance Cal Brown - Northborn Films
5 months back
When people think of fear, they think of jumping out of planes or diving with sharks. Me, well I think of performing in front of a live audience. It scares me to the ...
Yes Theory Wisdom | Seek Discomfort | And Their Dope Newsletter josue2451
7 months back
Yes Theory's YouTube channel isn't the only place you can get great content from the group. They're heavily active on all social media platforms as well as their ...
Standing out on YouTube Yes Theory
2 years back
FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: Song: 'Go F*** Yourself' by Two Feet We spend A LOT of time thinking about originality ...
SKYDIVING FOR THE FIRST TIME at GoJump Oceanside (Seek Discomfort) Inna and Anton
7 months back
Skydiving for the first time while on vacation in California. August 31st, 2018.