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Daniel Fernandez's Amazing Illusions TheEllenShow
2 years back
Armed with a deck of cards and some magical skills, magician Daniel Fernandez made his national TV debut!
Talk to Me - An Improvised Stand-up show by Daniel Fernandes Daniel Fernandes
3 months back
This episode 1 of my new show where I make up material as I'm talking to the audience. Everything you see here is unscripted and in the moment. Enjoy! :)
Daniel Fernandes - After All (Original Mix) TheIoLoSo9
7 years back
Label: Sleazy Deep Records (http://soundcloud.com/sleazydeep) Release Date - 2012-09-10 Album "Future Sleaze, Vol. 2" available on: ...
Alien Magic with Chloe Grace Moretz!!! | Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
3 years back
So this happened... New Mental Magic! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcdgf-3kiQk (Updated) Behind the Scenes ...
Model Freaks Out Over Mind Control Magic!!! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
2 years back
Old school with a touch of new :) Thanks to Skillshare for our new partnership. First 500 get 2 month free trial: http://skl.sh/danielfernandez Feels so good to be ...
Backstage Magic with Selena Gomez! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
2 years back
DREAM BIG DO BIGGER ARMY SHIRT - http://bit.ly/2oVT5dj Massive thanks to WEDay for having me be a part of this amazing day, love you guys ...
Magic In Spain | Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
2 years back
Take a look at "Tagged" - http://go90.show/2s0KCZS Tagged Season 2 - http://go90.show/2s8TvBJ Thanks Go90 for your partnership, looking forward to our next ...
Learn A Simple Magic Trick To Get A Kiss!!! | Daniel Fernandez & Fan Magic Daniel Fernandez
3 years back
I teach you a simple magic trick to win dates & kisses for summer! New Magic! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuE93A4ZLyk Check out Diego's Video ...
UNCENSORED MAGIC: Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Freak Out! | Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
2 years back
Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal do insane mental magic. LIFE movie in theaters this Friday (all sponsorship aside, the movie is d-o-p-e and I very much ...
Amazing Magic With a Cigarette! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
8 years back
A cigarette vanishes and re-appears.. over and over again :) Thank you Cyril for everything you've done for our craft. Find Daniel More Videos ...
Spanish Magic | Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
2 years back
Let's talk about the 100 rule. Twitter - https://twitter.com/danfer22 Instagram - https://instagram.com/thedanielfernandez Join the Family - http://tinyurl.com/oxaoj2f ...
Fernando Daniel - "When We Were Young" | Provas Cegas | The Voice Portugal The Voice Portugal
3 years back
Antes de entrar em palco, Fernando recebeu uma surpresa da mãe, que veio direta do Luxemburgo para lhe dar força. E resultou... » Descarrega a App Oficial ...
Street Magic Gets Girls!!! Daniel Fernandez
4 months back
Happy December! We wanted to create a magic piece that involved international cuisine, hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did shooting it. Comment ...
Getting Inside Girls Minds With Magic! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
1 years back
Mixing some oldies with some new originals boys. Freaking love you guys btw, as you'll see in the video lol. SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://tinyurl.com/oxaoj2f ADD ME ...
Why I hate Fawad Khan - Daniel Fernandes Stand-Up Comedy Daniel Fernandes
2 years back
Video produced by: Myoho Films (www.myohofilms.in) Shot by Karan Kundnani & Sahil Mirani Produced & Edited by Karan Asnani Sound recording, mix ...
Mind-Blowing Magic with Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly | Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
4 months back
Blowing the minds of american legends Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly! Massive thank you to Sony Pictures for making this happen, always a pleasure to work ...
The Visual Switch Magic Trick!!! | Daniel Fernandez Original Magic Daniel Fernandez
3 years back
Updated Contest Winner (Trip to LA!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKHOhcDt_hg New Mental Magic! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcdgf-3kiQk ...
Oscar Magic With Margot Robbie! | Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
3 years back
Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016* Last Year At The Oscars! - http://youtu.be/anZ1Q4JKEcM Bros, it finally happened again :) Extended Version!
Daniel Fernandez- "Dónde Está el Cuerpo [Video Oficial] Pastor Daniel Fernandez H.
2 weeks back
Esta es una canción que escribimos hace unos 15 años que trata sobre uno de los puntos medulares más importantes en la redención de la raza humana: La ...
Aprende Un Truco de Magia Con Caeli!!! (Spanish) Daniel Fernandez
3 months back
This Thumbnail is in Caeli's Video!: ▻ https://youtu.be/Nk08wICmrI8 Caeli's Channel: ▻ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGRtuAmEObNSmlOLDWzZfVg ...
Telekinetic Mentalism Street Magic! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
4 years back
Enter the #GetToughBlade GIVEAWAY: http://goo.gl/1wW3UK Use Coupon "Daniel" when you buy your ToughBlade razor: http://goo.gl/E6wtPG Find Me - Want ...
Christmas Magic with Jack Black!!! Daniel Fernandez
4 months back
Mind-bending magic with the legendary Jack Black, Eli Roth, and Lorenza Izzo! This is a re-upload, we had some issues with the last video and had to take it ...
Awkward Selfie! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
6 years back
Find Daniel More Videos - http://tinyurl.com/oxaoj2f Vlogs - http://tinyurl.com/oz7vok2 Twitter - http://tinyurl.com/omjcwop Instagram - http://tinyurl.com/nkjl9s6 ...
Dani Fernández - Te esperaré toda la vida (Videoclip Oficial) Dani Fernández
11 months back
Dani Fernández - Te esperaré toda la vida (Videoclip Oficial) Ya disponible en: https://WarnerMusicSpain.lnk.to/8jPEk Simplemente estoy cansado de esperar ...
The Watch Magic Trick | Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
2 years back
2017, New Magic, lets go! WatchGang is seriously awesome, my dudes, give it a try you get amazing watches for a ridiculously cheap price and one of you will ...
Unlocking iPhone Magic Trick!!! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
3 years back
So excited to meet you guys in New York! It. Is. Not. Fake. I'm honored some of you think so though, not being able to figure it out just compliments my work.
Golden Globes Magic with Alexis Ren! Daniel Fernandez
3 months back
Massive thanks to Alexis for being a part of this. What a great gal, find her below: Twitter: ▻ https://twitter.com/alexisreng Instagram: ...
Learn 2 Magic Tricks To Get Phone Numbers!!! Daniel Fernandez
5 months back
Learn 2 simple tricks to get a phone number x Friends in the video: David: ▻ https://instagram.com/davidalvareezy ...
Magic In The Playboy Mansion! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
4 years back
Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceZX3X9U5uE Find Daniel More Videos - http://tinyurl.com/oxaoj2f Vlogs - http://tinyurl.com/oz7vok2 Twitter ...
Got The Flight Attendant's Number With Magic! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
2 years back
Thanks to Emirates for sponsoring this video! Seriously, thank you, you have gorgeous flight attendants. One of the craziest 48 hours of my life! Thank you guys ...
Getting Inside Girls Minds with New Street Magic!!! Daniel Fernandez
4 months back
New Street Magic in sunny LA! Massive thanks to my buddy Ben for joining us today, he is now officially a wizard. Be honest, who saw the card in the back ...
'You Started It' with Daniel Fernandes S02E01 feat. Kanan Gill and Anuya Jakatdar Daniel Fernandes
1 years back
Download audio here: goo.gl/TUFBxf In the first episode of season 2, I chat with Kanan and Anuya about our PM's trip to Davos, Darwin's theory of evolution ...
Daniel Fernandez - To The Hood [CMD012] squareonemusicltd
5 years back
Artist: Daniel Fernandez /// Title: To My Hood Album: Give You Ride EP /// Label: Chilli Mint Release Date: 02/12/2013 Available to download here: ...
Daniel Fernandes - 2016 Comedy Up Late on ABC1 (Ep4) TheMelbComedyFest
3 years back
Recorded at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Comedy Up Late for ABC1.
Daniel Fernandez is a magician's magician | LatiNation LatiNation
2 months back
Daniel Fernandez is one of the youngest rising stars in the world of magic. The Venezuelan artist is representing a new generation in the genre thanks to his ...
PewDiePie Vs. T-Series Magic Trick!!! Daniel Fernandez
4 months back
Combining magic with the Kings of YouTube! Imagine having someone think of a number from Zero to 100 Million, and having it be the exact same number you ...
Magic With Alexis!!! Daniel Fernandez Daniel Fernandez
3 years back
Back with another Thursday magic video! GIVEAWAY HAPPENING ON MY TWITTER - https://twitter.com/danfer22 Alexis - https://instagram.com/alexisnpappas ...
El Trono de la Leyenda Daniel Fernández industriaspigmalion
4 months back
Un obsequio bien merecido para un excelente piloto Colombiano, competitivo en eventos como Pikes Peak, la emblemática carrera de la Isla de Man lo que lo ...
Daniel Fernández: el mago latino que conquista Hollywood Univision Noticias
1 years back
Sorprende a multitudes con sus trucos y suma miles de seguidores en redes sociales. Tan convencido estaba Daniel Fernández de que llegaría al éxito, que ...
Dennys Daniel Fernandez e Matilde Beccaria - TANGO AMOR MIO - Tango Oasis 2018 - Pugnochiuso, Puglia Milonga del Barrio - Accademia Barrio Tango
10 months back
Tango Oasis 2018 • Mega Delirio Tanguero - VII Edizione • 7-10 giugno 2018 • Pugliochiuso (FO), Puglia Le esibizioni dei Maestri.
Dani Fernández - Disparos (En Acústico) Dani Fernández
3 months back
Dani Fernández - Disparos (En Acústico) Sigue a Dani Fernández en: https://www.facebook.com/DaniFernandezOficial/ ...
Model Magic: Learn a Simple Card Trick to Pick Up Girls! Ft. Penny, Grace, DVBBS Daniel Fernandez
5 months back
My boys! (and girls) Welcome to another episode of Model Magic. Today I teach you how to make ink transform into your spectators card or thought. We went the ...